Name: Stéphanie Cozon
Citizenship: French
Civil status: married to Kristofer Döös, two children
Birthplace and date of birth:  Lyon, 20 April 1963

Languages: French, English and Swedish

Studies: École supérieure d'arts graphiques et d'architecture intérieure à Paris (ESAG Penninghen), Paris, 1981-1985



Tyska Skolgränd 4, 111 31 Stockholm
tel: +46-8-211336, mob: +46-739570244
Virtual gallery:

Press Release from the exhibition at Holland Park, London, 1992.

Stéphanie Cozon's profound, breath-taking almost androgynous images recall moods of Modigliani with tinges of the Schadenfreude of the 1890s. Influenced by artists such as Gustav Klimt, with her use of vivid colours and gold, and Gabriel Rosetti, with her reference to romance, Ms. Cozon has conjured up a unique style. Many of her paintings portray intriguing and ambiguous images of literary figures. For example "The Brontë Sisters" are depicted as three surreal beauties, whose relationships are both cold and warm. Likewise, her portrait "ménage trois", Mme de Merteuil, Marquis de Valmont from the book "Dangerous Liaisons" by Choderlos de Laclos leave the observer questioning their relationship. And the theme of relationships is tested further with her portraits of gaunt, ephemeral figures, who take on both male and female roles. Even her still-life works cannot help but move with their vibrant and unusual use of colour and mood.
Born in Lyon Stéphanie Cozon left school at 16 to design fabric patterns. She later moved to Paris to enrol at the internationally famous art school Academie Jullian. Here she emersed herself in paintings by Modigliani and Munch, whose portraits of lean, anxious faces are now reflected in her own works. After graduating she worked with several distinguished Paris designers, such as Daniel Hechter. Later she became established as a self employed artist in Stockholm, where she continued to exhibit.

This moving style has earned Stéphanie Cozon a following in Lyon, Paris, Stockholm and London where she has worked and exhibited. Although she lives and works in England as an artist, her roots and artistic influences remain in France.

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